Cookie here! I stole some of my mom's food. She told me about when I was born on Christmas, and how the owners never expected it. My owner's mom said I was lucky I was a girl. I wonder why.

Yesterday's Piggy Play Time

Hiya! I had to go in my cage early because I attacked Honey. But no harm done! She's just a drama queen and always tries to get under me! I know she's the lowest in the pecking order and I'm the highest-but she's so annoying! I don't care if she's my aunt or not! Alright, rant over. Here is a pic my owner got before I had to go back.


    Hi! My name is Cookie! My nickname is baby because I was born from Lucky. I have a white, light brown and dark brown coat. My favorite veggie is lettuce! I'm the cutest and the most fat!


    December 2012


    Cage Time
    Piggy Play Time